Analysis tool for targeted bisulfite sequencing and Illumina(c) EPIC data

EPIC-TABSAT is an easy-to-use tool for the integrated analysis of targeted bisulfite sequencing (TBS) data with array-wide array studies (e.g., Illumina EPIC). It features an intuitive user interface, provides a novel approach to study read methylation patterns, and offers an unprecedented way to analyze and interpret TBS data in combination with array-based methylation studies.
Mandatory inputs and parameters
Drop Files or
  • FASTQ files (PE reads -> *_1.fastq, *_2.fastq)
  • Target file Template
  • (Optional) Array file (450k, EPIC)
Max file size: 300MB
Nr File Uploads Type Delete

Used for sending the Analysis ID
Human and mouse supported
Read mapping program
Download sample data from here.
Optional parameters
The minimal read length
The maximal read length
Minimum number of reads per CpG to consider the CpG in the output
The minimum base quality (reads will be trimmed from the right)
The bisulfite sequencing strategy
List of restriction enzymes, separated by ","
Single-end or paired-end
The minimal number of pattern occurrence
The minimal CpG coverage for array correlation
The minimal coverage for off-target regions
Trim the primers prior to mapping